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由报道可知,“X-rated (movie)”就是我们汉语中所说的“三级片”。1968年,MPAA(美国电影协会)对影视作品做了如下分级:G级(适合于所有年龄段);PG级(建议在父母陪伴下观看);PG-13(13岁以下儿童不适);R级(17岁以下者须在父母陪同下观看...

x-rated movie 看个例句:This film should be X-rated; it's not suitable for youth.(这是一部三级片,不适合青少年观看。) 先看外电一段有关“性感女星”斯佳丽·约翰逊饰演“色情女星”詹娜·詹姆森相关的新闻报道: Hollywood beauty Scarlett ...

《嘘 禁止想象》剧情介绍: A smart finger movie about adult rated romance between young men and women who have total control over SNS. 推荐下载...

2. Should movies be rated to show what audience they are suited for? Why 2。电影应该评价给观众他们是适合什么?为什么

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